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In this page we present
Ntate TA Ralekholela & Moruti R. Bonnke. You can scroll down.

To the Glory of Jesus

Rev T.A. Ralekholela

To the Glory of Him whose NAME is above all names

Gospelfire Evangelistic Ministries International

Rev. Annanius T. Ralekholela got saved on 06 June 1978. Ralekholela is a man of God indeed. I saw that man for the first time in a crusade that was hosted by the Gospel Fire in Durban (2001). He was preaching on the book of Judges 6. "Where are the miracles Oh God," was the message. We were swimming in the presence of The Almighty in a tremendous way. God was visiting His people. From that day my life changed; I sought for God's miracles and it worked.From Ntate Ralekholela's testimony, I discovered that he was influenced by the ministry of the late Pastor Richard Ngidi of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM). Ralekholela's message is an encouraging message and has a "HURRICANE" of fire behind it. He can preach fluently in English as he is with Sotho (his mother tongue). When he preaches he usually makes use of the Old Testament.
Thus Phillip Msiza once said, "That man can preach." However, Moruti Ralekholela's calling began when he saw a 'vision' of 'fire' emerging from South Africa spreading throughout the world. He is married to Emily and they are blessed with four children. Through his ministry thousands have come to know The Lord. He is a personal friend to Jobe (N.J. Sithole) of the God's Army Evangelistic Ministries.Click here for more of this vision driven man's Gospel Fire Ministries. God still moves through the work of this evangelistic ministry. Recently, Ntate Ralekholela sent us a revival report entitled, "God's Hand upon Botshabelo." On that report it is recorded that, "...more than 68000 people attending the crusade with the estimated 12000 people every night. And the crusade was characterized by healings, miracles, deliverance and above all the miracle of salvation. Every night we counted at least 500 people who came forward for their salvation." Is'nt that great news! For a "liquor-torn" area like Botshabelo, salvation came. I personally visited the area in December 2002 and what I could see was "liquor, liquor, and more liquor." It was the first time for me to witness that. But, apparently, God is providing His people with a far better "well" to drink from, Jesus Christ Himself. 

Christ for all Nations

Moruti Reinhard Bonnke


To the Glory of Him whose NAME is above all names

The evangelist Reinhard Willi Gottfried Bonnke was born on April 19, 1940 in Koenigsberg, East Germany.  As he grew up, Moruti Bonnke experienced the horrors of war, hunger, fear, and the atrocities of refugee camps.  At the age of nine he eventually found his dad and his home. It is probably because of that reason that Moruti Bonnke has inborn compassion for refugees, the poor and the persecuted segment of the society. As a young boy Moruti Bonnke saw a vision. A visitor reported that she had a vision in which she saw a small boy with thousands of black humans following him. Moruti Bonnke got interested.  One year later, at the age of eleven, Reinhard was baptized in the Holy Spirit, after his father had preached on the subject.  Reinhard kneeled down with others to receive the baptism. That must be why Moruti Bonnke said, "the strength of God poured over me and into me inside.  An inexpressible joy filled my heart, and I began to speak in tongues as the Holy Spirit gave me utterance." That unction of the Holy Ghost has guided his entire ministry from then up to now.  Moruti Bonnke also had another vision. He saw a map of Africa, which had blood poured all over it, which made Moruti Bonnke to see that as the blood of Jesus, and that Africa would be sanctified: there would be a blood-washed Africa.  In addition Moruti Bonnke heard a voice of the Holy Spirit that said, "Africa will be saved".




Reinhard then went to South Africa to follow his calling. He later became a pastor of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) in South Africa. Moruti Bonnke was not allowed to do the kind of work he wanted to do in South Africa so he received permission from the AFM to build up a work in Lesotho.  It was there in Lesotho that he invited the late Richard Ngidi to preach for a certain weekend. Thus he says:


“When I was a frustrated missionary in Lesotho in 1972, I invited Pastor Richard S. Ngidi from Edendale, Natal to some special meetings in Maseru. That weekend was to change my life and ministry profoundly. As Pastor Ngidi preached under the powerful unction of the Holy Spirit, I saw signs and wonders happen in a place where I had never imagined God moving on such a scale. In an instant I threw off all my timidity like an old garment and vowed never to be guided by my own reservations and fears again but solely by the Word of God. This experience eventually led to the founding of the ministry of Christ for all Nations which today is winning millions of souls for Jesus all over Africa” (Khathide 1993: Foreword by Bonnke). Therefore, Pastor Richard Ngidi was the inspiration behind the powerful ministry of this Man of God. He is the founder of Christ for All Nations (CFAN), which Pastor Kenneth Meshoe and Pastor Agrippa Goodman Khathide had been working with for years.


[The name Moruti refers to Pastor/UMfundisi in Sotho. That's how they called him]

Khathide, A. 1993. What a giant of faith. Johannesburg: Gospel Publishers.