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God gave some men and women eyes thus enabling them to see. He also gave some of them hands enabling them to work, touch, and feel. More importantly, He gave some of them salvation. Furthermore, He anointed some of them for His divine Work, regardless of who's who. Let the women speak. D.Nqwili (17-09-2005)
This webpage is dedicated to God's work through women, both at home and in ministry. Right now we have information on Pastor Siziwe Chili and Mrs Fisakuphi Madlala. We are hopeful to have the likes of Mrs. Thandi Ngonelo, Mrs. Thabisile Mahlaba (AOG), Mrs. Bhaqwa (AOG), Dr. Gwamanda, Miss Margaret Ngidi, the Manyakabana crew etc. in the near future.


To The Glory of Jesus
Pastor Siziwe Chili


Founder of the Hope of Glory Ministries & Women Arise Fellowship


Gospel South Africa is privileged to present a dynamic woman of God, Pastor Chili, alongside Kathryn Kuhlman, Joyce Meyer, Evelyn Gigaba, Fisakuphi Madlala and many others. She was born Siziwe Daphne Buthelezi in 1970 and she grew up in KwaNongoma, KwaZulu-Natal. She and her two siblings, Mpilo and Sibongiseni were born to a single mother. Their grandmother, Mrs. Dorcas, raised them whilst mom was working in Durban. Siziwe got saved whilst she was in high school. As you will note, significant incidences in the life of Siziwe took place in the area of Durban. That is firstly because, whilst working in Durban, her mother received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. When mom went back home she would share the Good News and testimonies among them as a family. That is where Siziwe first became so attracted to the gospel. During the interview, I asked if she had a role model as she grew up. Without hesitation, she cited her mom as the first role model then others followed. To me, it shows how a single parent can be of good influence to his/her children as they grow up. It goes without saying that a born-again and bible teaching parent has got 99.99% chances of replicating him/herself on his/her children. Eventually, her mother got married to the Njapha surname in Umbumbulu, south of Durban.


However, the seed that a mother planted in her child’s heart blossomed in high school. That is where Siziwe gave her life wholly to Jesus. At a usually very delicate age, when we speak of adolescence, God’s Saving Grace had descended to claim what belonged to Him even before the foundations of the earth. Siziwe was saved. In a twinkling of an eye, her name was engraved in the book of life, not to be erased again. One can imagine how happy her God-fearing mother was at the occurrence.





The Calling: To minister to the broken hearted


Siziwe sensed calling very early in her salvation. She had this burning passion for hurting people: She had this empathy towards those that are neglected, the ostracized, the broken-hearted, downtrodden, the victims of anxiety, violence etc. That gave rise to her specialty in the area of counselling. God wanted to use her without further ado. She then attended the All Africa Bible College in Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal. Eventually, she ended up in McCord Hospital, a Christian hospital in Overport (Durban). That’s when she first knew about it as she went there for her “Practicals.”  After completing her studies in theology she felt God calling her back to McCord Hospital where she volunteered her services.


On the other hand, she got married in 1995 to Mr. Bongani Chili and they were blessed with two kids Ziphozonke and Lizwehlokoma. Voluntarily, she continued at McCord and her duties entailed conducting morning prayers, ward visits, and counselling for patients and staff.


Back at the home church (Umlazi Oasis Fellowship Church), she was a Sunday School teacher and also working as a Church Secretary. The church grew tremendously and she could not continue with her secretarial duties, as the load of work escalated. Another reason was that she felt her calling was more to preach the Gospel and also on counselling more than office work. Eventually, she resigned in 1997 and decided to concentrate on the McCord work, where she had to trust God at that time and be obedient to what she felt the Lord was calling her to do. She views Umlazi Oasis Fellowship Church as a place where she was prepared for leadership and a place where her character was developed. Due to family commitments she had to leave Umlazi Oasis to join the Durban Family Church, under the administration of Dr Hamilton Q. Nala. She applauds Dr Nala as a man who was very good in allocating tasks with relevance to people’s areas of specialty. Serving under Dr Nala gave her an opportunity to work fully as a pastor, specializing in counselling alongside preaching.


It is appropriate to remember that Pastor Chili still maintains ties with Umlazi Oasis, as they invite her sometimes to preach. Whilst she was in the Durban Family Church she felt the Lord again calling her out of the church. Her departure was also peaceful, as it had been throughout her denominational evolution. The pastor admits that one of the reasons for this denominational evolution was because of being afraid to stand on her own at first. Evidently, because of the nature of what God wanted to do, the Hope Glory Ministries, which is situated in Cato Manor in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal was born. That is where Pastor Chili deals with lots of people that are infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS, people that are poverty stricken, and children that are not schooling because their parents cannot afford and also orphaned children.


Back at McCord Hospital, Pastor Siziwe Daphne Chili continued to counsel and preach the Word of God to staff and patients. She then got more involved in counselling pregnant women within the Antenatal Clinic at the same hospital. It evolved from being just HIV/AIDS counselling to marital and spiritual counselling and handling of many other problems that came up during her counselling sessions. Her involvement in counselling and dealing with people’s problems made her to feel the Lord calling her again to start meetings for women. They would meet once a month to encourage each other. It grew from strength to strength, with its membership continuing to increase. Now its membership is approximately 150 or more committed people and their vision is to expand it all over KwaZulu-Natal and other places. The group (Women Arise Fellowship) goes door to door visiting sick people in the homes providing Home-Based care to those people who are terminally sick in the homes infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, and providing food parcels for those who have no food at all: Speakers are invited regularly to give talks on different topics raging from HIV/AIDS to divorce and abuse. We must also remember that Women Arise was founded on the Word of God in Isaiah 60:1. “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.”


Pastor Chili’s work at McCord Hospital and her involvement with women in starting the Women Arise Fellowship opened a lot of doors for her. She was invited in 2002 to attend the 45th Session on the Status of Women hosted by the United Nations in New York USA. The conference was about issues that women are facing. She was again invited in 2003 and 2004. Pastor Chili is also a board member in the Khonzanathi-Igagasi Christian Radio Station, where she also participates as a broadcaster, which she does voluntarily on weekends. Her programmes have attracted many people because she talks about things that are affecting people, family issues and things that help empower the youth to make right choices as in our prayers we hope for an HIV/AIDS free generation.




I first saw Pastor Chili in 2001 in Durban. It was a very sad time for me. Doubts were ebbing and flowing in mind. My sister, who used to worship at Durban Family Church, had passed away at gunpoint. Pastor Chili came to the memorial service at Telkom, where my sister used to work, to give a sermon. She was going with Pastor Thulani Ncanana, whom I also knew very well from the ML Sultan Technikon (now Durban Institute of Technology). It was a message from 2 Kings 18:33 (O my son Absolom! My son, my son Absolom! If only I had died instead of you - O Absolom, my son, my son!" There are no words good enough to describe how I was revived that day. I felt like going on with The Lord. I said to myself, “I want to preach like her one day.” My family was so moved by the message that my aunt said afterwards, “She sounds like she received Jesus ages ago.” The eloquence and the boldness were inexplicable given the fact that the audience was composed of different races, Indians, Coloureds, Whites, etc. At that time I never knew that I was going to meet the pastor at McCord, where I once worked. She was a mother away from home. I remember quite vividly that we had wonderful services. In times where attendance was poor on the midday service, she would encourage us to share problems and testimonies. You could see clearly that she is in a comfortable area, as she would listen diligently to such. Pastor Chili including different other people would give counsel and pray with us at the end. People were encouraged to participate, as the Holy Spirit would prompt. I also remember that Mrs. Bhaqwa (AOG) would also come to share a Word with us. Pastor BZ Biyela would also be invited sometimes. God would visit His people indeed. I miss my time at McCord’s. Another virtue I could notice is her God-given ability to be a mother and get involved in so many activities at once. Unfortunately, time and space does not allow me to tell you more. The vision is still in transit through her ministry.

Founder of the Bread of Life Ministries

To The Glory of Jesus
Mrs F.M. Madlala

Mrs Fisakuphi Mary-Jane Madlala was born Langa in 1958 at Kwa-Maphumulo, Stanger (KwaZulu/Natal). She was one of six children of Mr and Mrs Langa. Her father was one of those people who were known, in those times as being "financially well-fixed".  Surprisingly, Fisakuphi Langa (known by older people as Mafie) had to endure extreme hardships as she grew up. This was because of the unanticipated separation of her parents' marriage in 1964. Her mother, together with the six children, had to move to Clermont, Pinetown, seeking for refuge. At the age of six and half years Fisakuphi had to work as a baby sitter for one of the richer families during that time. She then grew up in a Lutheran environment, religiously speaking.

The year 1965 was a turning point in her life. One day she attended one of the Lutheran services as usual, but something happened that was to change her life forever. A certain old man, Mr Magubane, was the visiting preacher for that weekend. Amazingly this Magubane, who was a Lutheran, was completely filled with The Power of the Holy Ghost. Consequently, the young "Mafie" had to respond to the divine calling. The Lord touched her heart in a manifest way. She was later led by The Lord to work with the late Pastor Richard Ngidi (AFM), whose evangelistic crusades were sweeping the rest of KwaZulu-Natal. The young, female evangelist then became one of Ngidi's team of women evangelists. *Khathide (1993: 84) lists some of their names, "...Fisakuphi Langa, Thembi Vilakazi, Viyola Mbotho, Thabisile Zungu, Nontethelelo Khumalo, Busi Dlamini, Dudu Sibisi, Basizane Ngcobo, Joy Msomi, Gladys Msomi, Makhosi Mbokazi." She also worked closely with another woman evangelist Evelyn Gigaba. God used them in a tremendous way and many souls are still being converted even today. Apparently, God was erasing the famous belief that "women should not speak," which leaves me puzzled and with one question: If the men are not doing enough of what they are supposed to be doing, can God skip all women and choose "stones" to speak instead? If you can answer me that question, you are welcome to contact me.

Today Fisakuphi is married to S.B. Madlala, a man of God. Their heavenly created marriage is blessed with two kids Zintle and Buhle. The gospel is still in transit through the hands of Mrs Madlala.

*Khathide, A.1993. What a giant of faith. Johannesburg : Gospel Publishers


For Mrs Madlala's photos the credit goes to the management of the "Thy Kingdom Come" Ministries
Other Women Evangelists in History

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