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Power of God (Durban)

Pastor Lindani Nzimande & wife Zinhle

Gospel South Africa-Ivangeli is privileged to bring you this dynamic man of God, Pastor Lindani Nzimande. He grew up in a small town of Richmond at Ndaleni, KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. Lindani is a firstborn child of a single mother alongside sisters Lindeka and Gugu. In the present day, the family is based in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. But the place where he actually grew up in was Richmond. At that time Richmond was ravaged by perpetual political violence. Lots of lives were lost as a result. Many people were left homeless. During that time if someone was converted to Christianity and showed signs of not being part of the political sphere, he/she was viewed as a traitor. Consequently, a lot of brothers and sisters were killed just for their belief in Christ.


However, it is amazing to note that the most remarkable incidents in Lindani’s life took place in the month of August, as you will realize right through. Firstly, let’s highlight these incidents and then later we will describe each one in more detail. His date of birth is the 10th of August 19- so and so. He got saved on the 9th of August 1991. Survived a tragic car accident in August 1998, where the man of God Pastor T.D. Mqadi died. On the 3rd of August 1996, he received God’s final call to ministry. Lindani’s wedding was also on the 14th of August 2004. What a coincidence! Only God knows the significance of this month, August, in the pastor’s life. I would say that, the Point Road assembly, which he now shepherds, should be launched in August. Our meeting for this project was on the 20th of June 2005, so we were a bit late to publish the story. We should have published it in August. Can you notice the colour of their garments on the photo; it's colour is "AUGUST." Just kidding.


During the interview, Pastor Nzimande did not want to say much about his life before salvation. He wanted to share with us about his conversion and his growth in the ministry. It is thrilling to hear that his conversion to Christ was also extraordinary. He was a young man doing Standard Seven (now known as Grade 9, we suspect). Until that time he recalls that he had despised the gospel, which is typical of many unsaved people. We all know that there is a tendency amongst unsaved fellows to look down on the gospel. They view it as something for “foolish” people. That’s what was happening. Though unsaved at that time, Lindani was fond of singing gospel music. While he was attending a certain SCM (Student Christian Movement) a new thing was to happen in his life. A certain pastor who was unknown to Lindani came to preach. As the pastor preached on, thoughts were ebbing and flowing through Lindani’s mind. He started sweating profusely. He eventually found himself in front of the pastor.  It was in the middle of prayer, after the sermon but he uncontrollably disrupted the pastor and held his arm tightly. He had nothing else to say except these Zulu words, “Ngicel’ukusindiswa,” which means, “may I be saved?” Finally, Lindani was a new person; the “gospel despiser” was saved to despise it no more. The school premises became Lindani Nzimande’s “Damascus.” I am reminded of Saul the persecutor. In the face of political turmoil, Lindani was born-again. Sooner or later, he landed up in the Methodist church.


The time went on and Lindani met Enos Ngubane (uMbovu), who was a born-again youth pastor also in the Methodist church. He also met Rev S.Z. Phungula of the Ukhozi FM, who was from the Reformed church. These were the men who recognized a calling in Lindani’s life. One day in 1993, Ukhozi FM had a revival meeting in Richmond. Rev Phungula was involved in the organizing of the event. Young people flocked to the place to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. A very successful event took place. After it was closed, Lindani was deeply moved by the service and it was no more. He made a suggestion to the saved youth that they continue to meet. They would meet 4 times a week for prayer. He recalls that in those prayer meetings, anyone who felt prepared would take the platform and preach. Lindani would also take part. The meetings were successful. He also made another suggestion, “Why can’t we have Open Air meetings in our vicinities?” The group had no alternative but to agree, given the fact that they were all on fire for Jesus. They started calling themselves the Richmond Gospel Team (RGT) and they swept across the residential areas around Richmond. Lindani would walk for about 4 hours to preach. Souls were saved. Rev Phungula who was the eldest was always helpful and it was good to have an older person as part of the campaigns. It gave the work some dignity. Tents were set up in Phatheni, Smozomeni, KwaNdengezi, Hammarsdale, etc. Richmond was on fire for Jesus. Miraculously, the violence came to an end. Young people were flocking to Jesus without fear of being murdered for it. A certain Pastor Fino Dlamini who is now based in Cape Town had a suggestion. The group was to have representation in other towns and cities around South Africa. One of those representative groups was the Cape Town Gospel Team (CGT). The work was growing tremendously.


Something else suprised Lindani as time went by. When his converts went to Durban, they would come back full of the joy of salvation. They would come back to Richmond being better than when they left. All this fascinated their spiritual father, Lindani. When they shared their experiences whilst in Durban, they would cite the Power of God church as a place where they were nourished. Though Lindani was a Wesleyan, he started advising his converts to associate with a Pentecostal movement, the Power of God church (which was led by the late Pastor T.D. Mqadi, uMahlal’empini - he who perseveres in battle). Both Lindani and Pastor Mqadi had never met at that time. Eventually, Lindani fell in love with “this” Power of God church. A church that does so much wonderful things for his converts: A church that looks after his spiritual children. He eventually went there himself and started associating with the Power of God in KwaDabeka, near Pinetown.


At first, Lindani hated being a pastor. “I liked it if it was on another person, but not for me!” His main reason for this reluctance was being afraid of “poverty.” Poverty was believed to be prevalent amongst those called for the ministry, since they had to cease on their careers. Though he honored them, he would dispel a thought of being like them. He wanted to have a PhD when he reached 30; that was his projection. When he was doing Standard 9, he began to feel THE INEVITABLE: What he feared most was on the threshold. It was a calling from On High. God wanted to use him to set the captives free and to proclaim the Power of the coming World. Lindani tried by all means to elude the Call, but to no avail. Two years later, a company called the Wholesale Warehousing Industries in Gale Street, Durban, had employed him. The organization offered him an opportunity of a lifetime. He was to go for 6 months to London for work-related training: All expenses paid. On return, he would get a promotion that would earn him a lot of money. To Lindani’s calculation, the money was to be the answer to all his problems. For a first-born child whose family depended on grandma’s pension grant, this was a dream come true.


Therefore, life continued but thoughts were rising and falling through his mind concerning the coming wealth. The day was the 3rd of August 1996. Lindani was walking along West Street in Durban on duty. God’s Voice spoke, calling him for the ministry. During the interview, the pastor’s face changed at that juncture. Lindani could not tell me exactly what The Lord said and how He said it, maintaining that it is confidential. Even now, he cannot explain and disclose the way God talked. It was very special. Thereafter, because of the intensity of the visitation, Lindani did not go back to work. He went straight back home (Richmond) empty-handed. His reason for going home; “I just wanted to go home to cry.” He was thinking about the family who survived on grandma’s pension. Of course, as a SAVED YOUNG MAN should, he wanted to change the situation. He stayed at home for two weeks crying and praying. When he went back to Durban trouble greeted him. Trouble was waiting for him to come back. It was on August 1996 when he arrived at his flat to see a shocking situation. Roommates had stolen all his possessions. On top of that, he was accused of theft. Back at work, his co-workers and management had turned against him. He had no job, no money, and no clothes except the ones he was wearing. The overseas trip was no more. He was compelled to sleep outdoors at The Wheel Shopping Centre, Durban. It was very cold that night. On top of that, a huge downpour of rain fell. Its large fast-flowing drops would get him where he was hiding. The cold had gone right through the bone into the marrow. The young man of God waited there miserably until the next day. To the onlooker, he was a forsaken man; but the reality was that he was a Work in Progress. Perhaps the ignorant onlooker would throw a question, “Where is his God?" Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.


Some time later, he ended up in KwaDabeka, west of Durban. There was the Power of God that he so longed to meet. He attended home-cells, which turned into revivals. The founder of the church, the late Pastor TD Mqadi (uMahlal’empini) heard about this dynamic, Spirit-filled young man in his church. Both wanted to meet but to no avail. Eventually, they met in the vicinity of Wild Coast Sun (CASINO) in Bizana, Eastern Cape. Thereafter, Pastor Mqadi examined him thoroughly as he preached. Lindani had and still has an ethos, “I HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE: I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE.” The young man would approach the pulpit with that in mind. He preached for three days at the crusade. A strong connection was eventually established between him and Pastor Mqadi. Lindani grew to specialize in church planting, thus giving birth to Gamalakhe, Bizana, Murchison, Estcourt, and other churches. Pastor Mqadi became very fond of this young man. According to him, Bible College was not necessary for Lindani who had the knowledge of the ministry.


It was in August 1998 when Pastor Mqadi was traveling with Lindani and other congregants en route to Erhode, in Pondoland. Pastor Mqadi and Lindani were on the front seat of the car sharing a verse in between a homely conversation. Suddenly, the car collided with another vehicle. The occupant of the other car was none other than Mrs Masinyane, a great woman of God (our neighbour in Bizana). Amazingly, prior to this, Pastor Mqadi and Mrs Masinyane had an appointment about the work of God. Ultimately, they both passed away on that day. Their appointment was not an earthly one; it was heavenly. They would meet en route to Paradise. A badly injured Lindani was taken to a nearby hospital in Kokstad alongside other casualties. He was then released and the funeral took place. Soon after that he went to preach in Wild Coast (Mzamba-Bizana). As he stood on the platform it was discovered that Lindani was still ailing and fragile. One of his ribs was broken and evidently he had been released prematurely. A certain Pastor M. Qwebani and Pastor Mthethwa laid hands on him in prayer. Lindani was instantly healed. His broken rib had been mended and the pain was gone. A miracle had taken place. Lindani was back on track.




In 1999, the Bizana brethren were on a 14 days' fast with Pastor Lindani Nzimande, Pastor Lennox Mxhelwana (whom I know since the late 80’s). Pastor Qwebani, and others. They were praying for a revival campaign, which was going to take place in Bizana, Eastern Cape. The fast was completed and the services began. Miraculously, the revival campaign had not been broadcasted. People were flocking in as if prior advertising was done. The campaign went on by candlelight. The Lord came and miracles happened. The blind saw; the sick were healed; a madman was restored back to his senses. Jesus was visiting His people. The Bizana church grew tremendously with membership up to 350. After that Pastor Nzimande felt that the Bizana work was completed on his part and he wanted to move on to Pietermaritzburg for the work of The Lord. That did not happen. Instead, Bishop SC Mthembu went there. Pastor Nzimande felt a call to go to Durban to start a new branch there. Unlike in other cases, the Durban work was not started with a revival campaign. Instead, Pastor Nzimande did a person-to-person evangelism. About 7 people were converted although that number was sooner or later reduced. But deep inside, Pastor Nzimande knew that the Durban work was in God’s plan. He persisted. The numbers drastically increased to over 110 members. In all this Pastor Nzimande maintains that his prayer is not equivalent to what The Lord is blessing him with. Other interesting stories are how he got married, how he got a car, how his wife Zinhle got a permanent job, and his knowledge of the business field. But as for those, I’ll just leave you in suspense. You can ask him and find out. Pastor Nzimande is happily married to Zinhle and they worship in Seaboard Hotel, 5th Floor Nedbank Circle, Cnr. West Street & Point Road in Durban. His father in law is now also a member of the church. His wife, Zinhle is a wonderful, caring, and understanding woman. I once visited them on a Bring & Share meeting in Botanic Gardens. Mrs Zinhle Nzimande made certain that our stomachs were kept jam-packed. I ate and ate until I wanted no more. As our mother, she would keep asking if we have had anything. The vision is still in transit.


Message from the pastor


You are really good in what you’re doing. I wouldn’t have remembered all of this. May God continue to bless the Body of Christ with this wonderful work. May this info. be a blessing to God’s people. Be blessed my brother and keep up the good work.

Ps. Lindani

083 317 5061

+27 83 317 5061