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Gospel South Africa

"MISSING: Dumisani Nqwili (Responsible for this site) has gone missing. Last seen on Saturday - 1st October 2005. Should you have any information, please contact the following people on: 083 242 6800, 031 300 7200 or 083 754 7183"


“Gospel South Africa” is a website that is aimed at paying tribute to champions of the gospel in South Africa. It has been designed to provide a glimpse through presentation of comment and history of these forerunners in hoisting the banner of the gospel of Jesus Christ. However, this website has been invented with no intention of igniting any form of political, denominational, and/or biblical debate.

Furthermore, it is upon the verse quoted here that this site is founded. Interestingly, it chronicles the likes of Nicholas Bhengu, Job Chiliza, Richard Ngidi, Ananius Ralekholela,  and many others. Unfortunately, my attempts of including some of the Pentecostal leaders in this site were unsuccessful. But as for other leaders, I am still in pursuit for  their anecdotes.


Dumisani Nqwili


Kindly bear with me whilst this is still under construction. I would humbly request you to pray for the development of this site. This is because not everyone is willing to be included in it. Apparently, it is as if its existence is unnecessary. Therefore, your prayer and contribution  to it will be a step in the right direction. However, in your contribution, please ask for the leader's permission to do so. I know from practical experience that some of them refuse to be included.

Click here for a hyperlinked list of these men and women of God