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Gospel South Africa - Ivangeli

About Gospel South Africa

About Gospel South Africa
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This page describes the basic intention behind the existence of Gospel South Africa in more detail.

Gospel South Africa is a website that is aimed at paying tribute to champions of the gospel in South Africa. It is not aimed at making any profit. I, Dumisani Nqwili, created it in 2003 but the foresight came in 2002. Up until now, there is a cry in my heart when I think of the ignorance towards spiritual wealth buried in some people's teachings. Some of them are no longer with us but to ignore their teachings is not a good thing to do, in my view. Their relationship with God was so spectacular that He did great works through them. Through their teachings we were born and nurtured, and eventually liberated from addiction to sin. Once more, some of them are still alive and kicking.


Therefore, I started praying and researching. Eventually this package came to existence. It has been designed to provide a glimpse through presentation of comment and history of these forerunners and vanguards in hoisting the banner of the gospel of Jesus Christ. However, this website has been invented with no intention of igniting any form of political, denominational, and/or biblical debate.


Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Hebrews 13:7-8 (NIV)


Furthermore, it is upon the verse (among other verses) quoted above that this site is founded. Interestingly, it chronicles the likes of Nicholas Bhengu, Job Chiliza, Richard Ngidi, Ananius Ralekholela, and many others. As for other leaders, I am still in pursuit for their anecdotes.and with your help this will blossom.


Kindly bear with me whilst this website is still under construction. I would humbly request you to pray for the development of this site. This is because there are many challenges that have been against it from scratch. Therefore, your prayer and contribution will be highly appreciated. However, in contributing a story, please ask for the leader's permission to do so.




The Gospel South Africa-Ivangeli website exists:

  1. To create an online home for the Christian Community regardless of denominational seperations.
  2. To acknowledge the work of The Lord Jesus in South Africa over the years.
  3. To boost the local church by dealing with local church issues.
  4. To encourage the Servants of God to keep up the good work.
  5. To create a network of Pastors in an attempt to unify The Body.
  6. To promote holy living within the church through sharing of information.
  7. To promote togetherness, thus bridging the generation gap.
  8. To encourage young people to utilize their developed abilities to uplift the church.
  9. To counter youth's addiction to distasteful websites e.g. Pornography, online dating, and so on.

Once more, this is a Pentecostal source of information. It offers ministers, preachers, writers, etc. an opportunity and online platform to publish short lessons and point of view to the whole world. Just imagine if Paul of Tarsus would rise from the dead to see such a website as this! He would be elated! He would write to the whole world. That is the aim, Ladies & Gentlemen. I appeal to Pentecostals to send us information for publishing.


Furthermore, this is also an opportunity for YOUNG PEOPLE to contribute their views and skills for the upliftment of the church. I view this as God's strategic move to mend denominational cracks. WE ARE ONE!

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Your Encouraging Comments


Wow! I praise God and am really grateful for seeing this. It’s really a healing and an upliftment as I see it. I'm born again, young &really desire to dwell in God's holiness all the days of my life. I would love to say 'TAKE COURAGE AND BE OF GOOD CHEER' in your service for the Lord. May God help you to keep up the good work and to remain faithful in his service.

Nontsikelelo Mzila
Contact_No: 0834818069


Thank you, my sister. Your prayers will surely keep us going. It is also good to hear that there are ladies out there who believe in living a holy life. I'm reminded of Mrs Fisakuphi Madlala who began working for God since she was a little girl. Even now God still uses her. Keep holding on to your faith and never let anyone deceive you. Your inheritance is GREAT in heaven. Be an example on other ladies as well.


My beloved Brother. A day does not pass by without me reading the History of the Great Man of God. What you are doing for Babu Bhengu is amazing He is my mentor too. One is always looking forward to new info. For that thank you.

Dr Taki Dube


Thank you, Mama wethu. Our culture maintains that if something has older contributors, such is real. Into enabantu abadala iyahlonipheka. Thanks, Mama for even reminding us of the “HERITAGE MONTH.” WE ALSO HAVE A HERITAGE, REGARDING THE GOSPEL-IVANGELI. IT IS OUR VIRTUE; IT'S IN THE BLOOD. GLORY TO JESUS.


Good day Man of God. Glory be to GOD Most High, my everlasting Father who has bestowed the gift upon me, so that my life could reflect or radiate His Glory according to His Divine will. Thank you very much for the spirit stirring words of encouragement: It's highly appreciated. All sorts of compliments and praises are coming from all corners of the Pentecostal community but yours has touched me in a wonderful and humbling manner. It is my prayer this message reaches as many souls as possible and I believe that you will assist me to spread the Word and have a lot of people buying the CDs because I know that it will make a difference in their lives. It is also motivating to have people of your calibre at this day and age. May God richly bless you and your family in all your endeavours. Once again, thank you very for your kind words.


Kind regards

Pastor Khaya Mayedwa

Thanks, my Pastor; my friend. Please, forgive me for publishing this message. Kindly inform us when your new CD is out. Keep well.

Hi Nceku
Thank you very much for enabling us to know the giants God used in the past and those that God is still using even today. For us as young people, this will help us a lot in knowing how God used them in the past. We can learn a lot of things from them to take the gospel of the Lord Jesus forward. I pray that God may give you more insight of this website. I believe this will help a lot of pastors to learn from another, the programs other churches are involved in etc. May we as believers use this platform to communicate the gospel of Jesus to strengthen and admonish. When I first saw this website I told my pastor about it and I was glad to see that He contacted you.

Indeed let the gospel spread
Yours in His Service
Zekhaya Mjaja (Mr)


Thank you, Man of God. It is fruitful to be associated with you. Your contribution to this website is spectacular. God is not unjust to forget your good works. Pastor is very happy about it and it is quite clear that SKY IS THE LIMIT.


I have been logging on to this web page for quite some time now. All I can say is that the Lord will fulfill His purpose with this effort, only I urge you to continue to stand and represent the truth in the way that God mandates you to. God richly bless you and all those who are in association with you. AMEN!


Linda Excellent Malaza



Thanks, Brother Malaza for using this opportunity. Please prepare a short lesson for us to discuss on our teaching corner. Hoping to hear from you soon.


Brother, thank you for what you are doing. I am a young South African as well as a young child of God who is interested in god's generals international as well as local. I'm just writing this to encourage you to pursue this vision and show my support.


Morgan Moyane

30 Jun 2005
Thanks, Brother Morgan. To the Glory of Him, Whose NAME is above all names. Let's continue working and praying together. I'd also like to encourage other brothers & sisters to pray for those who want to be prayed for. Their prayer requests are on our Brother's Keeper webpage. Keep well, man of God.

Baba, I just want to thank the Lord for this project. I didn't know about it, but will pray for it. I was just surfing when I came across it. I would however wish to help where I can. If you need any help, that I have is yours, its ours in the Lord.

Ntuthuko Ndamane

30 Jun 2005


I want to thank Dumisani Nqwili for working so hard to create this website. I hope that more is still to come. May God Bless him.


Victus Dumisani Mkhwanazi


Pastor Nqwili, This is excellent. Please include more gospel pictures and news around KZN.


Samkelo 'INdlovu' Ndlovu

01 August 2005


God is faithful he will not forget the good work that you shown to his people and your commitment to his work."Be blessed"


Michael Ngwadi

Contact No: 07316133852

08 August 2005

Dear Dumisani

Jesus Christ is the Savior and the only way to the Father. I am born again young man and I just want to give thanks for the excellent web site. I think as young people we need to know more about our past, especial about the men of God who walked with God in fear. God used these men and they were so humble and they have set a good example for us to follow. Keep up the good work. May God bless you.

Mandla Hlubi

19 Aug 2005




Bafowethu, I must say that, It is gratifying to see that there are people out there who see the necessity of paying such a tribute to the work. It is also gratifying to know that there are people who pray and wish to contribute to this site. It goes without saying, that this is indeed OUR website. Please read I Corinthians 15:58.


As for Gatsheni, thanks my brother for the message. I forgive you for calling me "Pastor," but I'm not. I'm just a NOBODY, trying to tell EVERYBODY, about SOMEBODY who can save ANYBODY. On a serious note, we depend on you  people to send us your local church news. Right now we publish the little that we have since we are based in Durban. Travelling would cost us time and money. Feel free to send us what you know about conferences, weddings, graduation parties, birthday parties, etc. in your vicinity. In doing so kindly send us dates, times, venues, contact person, etc. alongside that information. Everyone is at liberty to do that. This is FREE advertising for the church. Keep well, Chosen One.


As for Ntuthuko Ndamane, thanks again my brother. I have known you for years. I am also aware that Web Designing is your thing, so we are ready to use your advices. You also know many people who should be included here. As a preacher, you have messages you might want to share with the whole world. This is your opportunity to touch more lives. May the Good Lord embrace you and your wife with His Love forever and ever. You are a lovely family, indeed.

"To the Glory of Him whose NAME is above all names"