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Gospel South Africa

"To the Glory of Him whose NAME is above all names"


I cannot ignore such a question at this point in time. I was born in the Eastern Cape, in an unsung district of Bizana. That is where I got my basic education. I did my kindergarten at Qandashe Primary School. From there I went to Intsingizi Junior Secondary School. Frome there I went to Ntlakhwe Junior Secondary School where I got my Standard Seven Certificate. I then went over to Ntukayi Senior Secondary School because they had a fine Karate style there. I got what I was looking for; I passed my karate but failed my Standard Eight. I was then forced to leave for Nongeke High School where I did STDs 8 and 9. I matriculated in Durban. Currently, I am doing a Bachelor of Technology degree at the Durban Institute of Technology, where I also obtained my Diploma in 2002. I'm twenty something years old. I am the fifth child of Mr & Mrs Nqwili.

But more importantly, I am a born again Christian and I love Jesus more than life itself. He saved me from sin; he made me to reconcile with my true identity. However, I believe in The Word of God to such an extent that you'll find it next to my pillow, in my school bag, and mostly in my heart. I strongly believe that "The Word will heal the people," ABANTU BAZOPHILA NGEZWI. This I say because if there is a wound on the forehead, for instance, people will see it and treat it until it heals. But if the wound is in the heart, only THE WORD can reach there, and when It reaches there It will recreate life as It did during the times of Genesis. THE WORD is the mind of GOD, the map, the compass, the heavenly criteria. It must be read everyday. The photo above was taken spontaneously by Prof Graham Stewart (DIT) in 2002.