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Giants of the Gospel

"To the Glory of Him whose NAME is above all names"

Job Y. Chiliza


Founder of the African Gospel Church

Rev. Job Y. Chiliza was the first Moderator of the African Gospel Church. He was once associated with the Zionist group of Ezra Mbonambi although he later criticized it severely. He believed, for reasons known to him, that they did not base their service on the Word of God. Sundkler recalls the impression of Chiliza during the service. "In the midst of it all, Job Chiliza stood there on the platform. An immense volume of sound rising and falling, swelling and surging and fading, directed by the two fingers of Chiliza's slow-moving right hand. One felt that he held them all in that strong and quiet hand of his" (Sundkler 1976: 85). My father also remembers Chiliza very well. "UChiliza wayengumuntu ophantsi," which simply means that he was humble. The miracles that The Lord vested on Chiliza captivated Bhengu in a tremendous way. Their relationship was like that of Elijah and Elisha. Among other things, Chiliza emphasized the power of confession of sins in a Christian's life.




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