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This page is for prayer, counselling, and testimonies

This page is dedicated to those who need to be prayed for; those who need counselling and those who want to share their testimonies. Our sister, Ayanda Skhosana, suggested that we have such a page as this. To her: Thank you, Sisi, for being so willing to extend a helping hand to the Body of Christ.


Anyone has a right to send us prayer requests. On that note, one also has a right choose whether one wants it publicised for intercessors and counsellors to see. One has a right to keep the NAME ONLY under confidence or both. I will then contact my colleagues and we'll pray about it. However, we reserve the right to edit the language before publishing.

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Anyone, who is willing to participate either in intercession, sending of words of encouragement, or counselling is welcome to join us. The pastors that we feature on this website also form part of our counsellors. I personally contact them whenever I encounter certain problems. They pray for me over the phone or send me words of encouragement via email. I believe that if it works for me; it can work the rest of the Body of Christ. Keep well, Chosen One.

Name: Robert Mgushelo


Pray for the youth church that will be going to Western Cape next year for the week of Easter. We are looking at conducting fundraising activities for the coming event. Pray that we may able to preach The Word with boldness and fire. We have heard about the tsunami that killed thousands of people. Recently it was Katrina. Please pray for us not hear about any disaster in SOUTH AFRICA. For those who do not know the King Jesus, please pray that The Lord may send more labourers

I am 27 year old pastor of Africa for Christ ministry and I stay in Cape Town. I am a born-again Christian.



Name: Nontsikelelo Mzila

Contact_No: 0834818069


Prayer Request: I want God to help me with being able to discern deceit. I want to live a 'HOLY HOT UNCOMPROMISING GOSPEL' I am hungry for God's real truth.



Brothers & Sisters. I received an email from a South African brother who is based in London, UK. He had a problem with sleeping at night. Evil spirits would visit him time and again. I contacted a few pastors and we prayed for him. I did not publish his prayer request due to confidentiality reasons. Below is his testimony.


Testimony: Brother
Bhuti ngiyabonga imkhuleko yabazalwane uNkulunkulu uphinde wawaveza futhi amandla akhe. Brother last week I asked you and other fellows to pray for me because I couldn"t sleep because of Tokolosh/isilwane and dreaming of having sex with someone whom I don't even know, But now I am happy to testify that there is a huge difference in when I sleep, I feel delivered its like I've been carrying a heavy burden, GLORY TO JESUS our LORD. May the GRACE of the LORD follow YOU and all other beloved (Christians)who are always there praying for us, GOD BLESS YOU

(Name kept in confidence)


Testimony: I was born in a poor family now one day I was with my friends and I told them I will start robbing people to get money to by food at home. Indeed, I started to rob people from that day. But one day ended up in jail and I prayed to God to help me to get of jail. I then promised him that I will work for Him. Miraculously, on the next day they took me out of jail. From that day I have learnt that Jesus is alive. Now I am a leader of a youth group called The Anointed ones


Contact_No:: 0733377947




Anyone can contact us via email or via mobile 083 344 2100

A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her. -David Brinkley