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Giants of the Gospel

"To the Glory of Him whose NAME is above all names"

Nicholas B.H. Bhengu


Founder of the Assemblies of God- Africa Back to God

Rev. Nicholas B.H. Bhengu was born in 1909 at Entumeni (KwaZulu-Natal). I run short of words to describe Bhengu, thus Pastor Mpofu (AOG) once said "...he was a man who walked with God" (Thaba-Nchu, 2000). It was Bhengu himself who gave spiritual birth to Pastor Phillip Msiza, Richard Ngidi, and many others. Known as "Manotsha or uKhehla" by his converts, Bhengu was inevitably the epitome of what The Lord intended him to be. He is no longer with us, but the "character" can still be seen on some of the men in Assemblies of God. He is viewed by Anderson as "...the most effective effective of any Pentecostal leader in South Africa. His ministry was characterized by miracles and sound doctrine. It is said that, Bhengu saw it from the old man Chiliza who was very old at that time. They became very close.  

In his book, What a giant of faith, Khathide puts it as a "link of fire"


from Chiliza to Bhengu, from Bhengu to Ngidi. This is phenomenal! Bhengu was an evangelist, a teacher of the word, and a pastor. Through his ministry a very large congregation was born in the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, and the rest of South Africa together with the neighboring countries. Bhengu emphasised holiness and the fear of God, among other things. He taught his church to be self-sustained and he also encouraged material independence (hand work).
Bhengu preaching in East Rand, 1957

John Bond wrote a very good book in this regard (For the record). You can buy it from:

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