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Giants of the Gospel

"To the Glory of Him whose NAME is above all names"

Annanius T. Ralekholela

Founder of the Gospel Fire Evangelistic Ministries International

Rev. Annanius T. Ralekholela got saved on 06 June 1978. Ralekholela is a man of God indeed. I saw that man for the first time in a crusade that was hosted by the Gospel Fire in Durban (2001). He was preaching on the book of Judges 6. "Where are the miracles Oh God," was the message. We were swimming in the presence of The Almighty in a tremendous way. God was visiting His people. From that day my life changed; I sought for God's miracles and it worked. From Ntate Ralekholela's testimony, I discovered that he was influenced by the ministry of the late Pastor Richard Ngidi of the Apostolic Faith Mission. Ralekholela's message is an encouraging message and has a "HURRICANE" of fire behind it. He can preach fluently in English as he is with Sotho (his mother tongue). When he preaches he usually make use of the Old Testament.

Rev T.A. Ralekholela

Thus Phillip Msiza once said, "That man can preach." However, Moruti Ralekholela's calling began when he saw a 'vision' of 'fire' emerging from South Africa spreading throughout the world. He is married to Emily and they are blessed with four children. Through his ministry thousands have come to know The Lord. He is a personal friend to Jobe (N.J. Sithole) of the God's Army Evangelistic Ministries.Click here for more of this vision driven man's Gospel Fire Ministries.



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