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This page will have a list of some of the Men and Women of God that have contributed to the Gospel as groups (music groups, organizations, and so on).

Andile ka Majola

UXaba neSihambis'okwaKhe

Obviously, we have a lot of anointed talent here in South Africa. There are more musicians and groups, whom a little site as this could not display; but they are equally loved by many. It is unthinkable that a believer should buy and enjoy secular music, knowing well that it does not feed the Spirit. Here's good music for our edification as the Christian community. We have many wonderful groups: Ncandweni Christ Ambassadors (who just released a sky-rocketing CD), Zeal Gospel Group, Jabu Hlongwane, Pastor Khaya Mayedwa, Frans Dlamini, Umyalezo wesikhathi, SOS, Pongola Gospel Wagon, Ntokozo Mbambo, Sifiso Ncwane, Khuzizono, Shiba & The Travelers, Shongwe & Khuphuka Saved Group, Deborah Fraser, Mzwakhe Myeni, Phelelani Mnomiya, Fakaza, Avante, Lihle Mthimkhulu, Fani-fani, Lord Comforters, Youth With Mission, Veliswa, Benjamin Dube, Sipho Sikhosana, Nathi Mbombela, Vuyi Luswazi, Derrick Ndzimande, and many others.

Mrs N. Hadebe & Amanxusa kaJesu

Sengimdala, Ngikhulile
Donnie & The Heavenly Heirs


These are some of the brothers and sisters who have contributed to our revival in South Africa through the power of song. Not all of them have been included: More are still coming. I must also take this opportunity to make an appeal. These people deserve our support as the Christian community. Duplicating of their CDs and Cassettes is ILLEGAL. It is equivalent to STEALING, which constitutes SIN. The technology today has made it easier to commit this criminal act. We as Christians should be the first to distinguish between RIGHT & WRONG. Let us SUPPORT their efforts. By buying CDs you say, "GO ON, BROTHER!" Isn't that nice? True Christians do not STEAL. ABAZALWANE BANGEMPELA ABAKWENZI LOKHO.


If you happen to love a particular CD and you don't have the money, pray to God. Our God is able; our God can see. He may touch someone to buy you what you want. If that is unsuccessful, JUST WAIT! If you have been doing that, please stop it. God will forgive you. Another thing is that, one should consider teaching others about it. “…but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven” Matthew 5:19. Remember to PRACTICE & TEACH. Keep well, Chosen One.

Hlengiwe Mhlaba & Sipho Makhabane

Lihle Mthimkhulu

Guys, the Gospel South Africa wishes you and your loved ones a blessed life. Your efforts do not go unnoticed: Lives are changed through your music; the broken-hearted are uplifted through your music. We are praying for you. Always remember to be exemplary in your way of life to ensure cohesion between calling and the Caller. Keep worshipping God in truth & in Spirit. I make sure that in every month end I visit a music shop to purchase your music. You deserve our support.

"There are German songs which can make a stranger to the language cry" Mark Twain 1835-1910