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In this page we present:
1. Pastor Makobe, & 2. Rev. S.T. Hlophe

1. Pastor Melanchton Makobe 

God's Covenant Ministries

To The Glory of Jesus
Pastor M. Makobe

Pastor Melanchton Makobe

Pastor Melanchton Makobe was born and raised in Limpopo Province. He was radically born again when he was a student at the University of the North.  Pastor Makobe co-founded Vine Branch Ministries in Grahamstown during 2000. He also co-founded Salvation Tower Christian Church in Pretoria during 2003. Pastor Makobe is currently an Evangelist at God’s Covenant Ministries. Pastor Makobe is also a Senior Pastor of Fountain of Grace Christian Centre in Mamelodi East, Pretoria.


Pastor Makobe frequently preaches at conferences, crusades and revivals. He is a partner of the Student Christian Organisation (SCO) and occasionally conducts motivational talks. He also partners with His People Campus Ministries.


Pastor Makobe is a God-fearing Man of God who is used by God in a powerful way.  His calling is in the area of evangelism and he preaches the word of God with boldness and clarity. He also has a gift of prophecy.


His burden in life is to inspire people with the word of God to reach their destiny. He runs workshops on the subjects “Predestined for success” and “Reaching your destiny”.


His motto in life is “Whatever God calls you to do, do it with excellence”


Evangelist Makobe


Cell: 0823576173

2. Sithembiso Hlophe
Khayalethu Fellowship Centre & Foundation for Hope and Success

To The Glory of Jesus

Rev. Sithembiso Hlophe
Rev Sithembiso Hlophe

Rev. Sithembiso Thembumuntu Hlophe was born in Ashdown, Pietermaritzburg, on 02 December 1968. His is the firstborn child of Mr Mlamuli Gabriel "Stolo" and Mrs Sibongile Thelma “Gantu” (uMaRadebe) Hlophe. He did his primary education at Ashdown Primary School, then known as Ashdown Bantu Combined School. He then went to live in Inchanga where he did his secondary education at Siphesihle High School. Even though Sithembiso was born in Pietermaritzburg, he actually grew up in Inchanga. The latter place is where most of his youth development involvements took place. He grew up like any other boy and got involved in teenage life as most of us were. It was not until he was influenced by his granny’s sister, Mrs Frieda Bhengu (uMaSithole) to be a Christian. He then grew up in a church known as the Zulu Congregational Church, which used to be under the American Board Mission. Noticeably, the American Board Mission has been mentioned several times in this website. It seems as if most of the great men of God featured here were once there. However, amongst other people he acknowledges in his books, Hlophe also mentions Mr Bhoyi Mncwabe. This Mr Mncwabe was Hlophe’s youth leader who happened to recognise a calling in his life. “Mr Mncwabe gave me plenty of opportunities to stand infront of people of different ages to deliver messages of hope, faith and love. It was these kinds of opportunities that I honestly believe contributed tremendously towards the development of my inner strength” (Hlophe, 2004: 103). Interestingly, Hlophe became a minister and eventually Mr Bhoyi Mncwabe’s leader. On that note, I view Hlophe as a man who never forgets that, "a person is a person because of people. Basotho ba re, motho ke motho ka batho."


Rev Hlophe is a God-fearing man and a spiritual leader of specialty in the area of motivation and development. He is the founder and director of the Foundation for Hope and Success (FHS), an organisation that provides a range of human and organisational development services. He is the author of motivational books, Power Within You (2001), Hope for the Hurting Heart (2002), and Release the Power Within You (2004). Rev Hlophe is a man of a vast career and to write all about him would require plenty of space. He has twice been awarded short-term scholarships tenable in the United States by the Institute of International Education (Career Development Fellowship Programme, 1994) as well as Church Leaders Development Programme, 1999. He has held numerous managerial positions in various organizations. Hlophe has and still continues to give sermons and motivational talks in churches and ministries around the province. He lives in Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) with his wife Nokuthula (uMaNkabinde) and their son Swelihle and daughter Noluthando.


Personal Encounter


I am privileged to have met the man and his family in their Pinetown home. It is proper to mention that I have bought all three of his books, and have listened to him several times on radio. He is a man whose agenda has an endless list of sensible activities for people. He has a lot to talk about. He is so committed to his vision that he even resigned from his job for its manifestation, I reckon. It goes without saying that he is not after self enrichment. Very few people can do that. Whatever he does, he does it with passion and is always willing to share ideas. That is how humble is the man. Please bear in mind that I am not trying to exalt Hlophe, but the truth must be said about people. I am fully aware that people do not just touch other people’s lives out of the blue. God is behind such endeavours. In fact, it is God who does such things through people. I thought it appropriate to acknowledge him as a contributor in the development of the Pentecostal community and the human race at large. Furthermore, what I noticed in his books is that he writes about what he has experienced "hands on" and "eyes on," rather than mere theory. He applies himself in his writing.


Finally, Rev Sithembiso Hlophe (uSamela, uThumbeza) is also a member of the KNI Radio Board alongside Pastor Siziwe Daphne Chili and other pastors. I am hopeful that their contribution will be also acknowledged in this website as time goes on.


For motivational talks, training, mentoring, counselling requests, and other related services, comments, or enquiries about materials (books and audio sales) please contact:


Foundation for Hope and Success

P.O. Box 2168

New Germany