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More of South African Favourites

Pastor Dennis Ntombela (Highway Radio 101.5FM), Dr P.S. Mkhize (Grace Bible College), Pastor Yakhani Mnyandu, Pastor Sithembiso Zondo, Pastor Gugu Mngomezulu are some of the very influential, energetic, and most loved in the Christian community in KwaZulu-Natal. More information about them can be expected soon. You can scroll down for veterans Dr Elijah Maswanganyi, Pastor S.D. Gumbi (AOG), Pastor N.J. Sithole, & Evangelist Themba Mahlaba.

Pastor & Worshipper
Pastor Yakhani Mnyandu

Highway Radio
Pastor Dennis Ntombela

Pastor Sthembiso Zondo

Dr P.S. Mkhize

Pst. Gugu Mngomezulu

Currie's Fountain Stadium (16 June 2005)
Pastor Zondo praying for new converts

Sambulo Nkwanyana

From Tzaneen
Dr Elijah Maswanganyi

Before Rev William Duma died, he called for his last service. All was strange that day. Rev Duma had invited Pastor Elijah Maswanganyi to preach. Mary Garnett records that, "The evangelist, Pastor Elijah Maswanganyi from Tzaneen, was guest speaker. He spoke on Colossians 2:5-7, as a man giving counsel to the church whose Pastor had just gone to the glory land. We thought it amazing because Pastor Duma was very much alive and listening himself (Mary Garnet, 1979:136)." Soon after that service, William Duma was admitted in McCord Hospital only to die on Saturday, 8 October 1977. That is how prophetic the message of Pastor Maswanganyi is. We don't have much information about him except for this extract. You can contribute more if possible. Here's another link on the history of Pastor Elijah Maswanganyi.
*Garnett, M. 1979. 'Take Your Glory, Lord:' William Duma: His Life Story. Roodepoort: Baptist Publishing House

uAmen usekhona?
Pastor S.D. Gumbi

Assemblies of God

We are pleased, once more, to feature this Man of God, Pastor S.D. Gumbi from Standerton (eStanela). This is a man of a unique character and preaching. Unlike many Pentecostals, Pastor Gumbi's sermon is flavored with stimulating and life-changing satire. Whilst people are drawn by his sense of humor their lives are changed. He is a motivational speaker, evangelist, pastor, bible expositor, marriage counselor to mention but a few. Another significant chapter in Pastor Gumbi's ministry is to play a role of a mediator where church disputes arise. The audacity of this man is amazing! In doing this, he extends beyond denominational barriers.


He is a favorite to the young people in the whole of South Africa. In my view, that's because he brings an old gospel in a manner that young people understand. In fact, Pastor Gumbi is also a favorite to older people as well, thus bridging the gap between "old" and "young." I once met him in Arnot (Mpumalanga Province) and was amazed at the humility of the man. He gives you time even if he does not know you. The warmth of the man of God is matchless: Let alone the counsel. We don't have much information about him but hopefully we'll get more soon.


Pastor NJ Sithole

God's Army Evangelistic Ministries
Christian Fellowship Church (CFC)

Pastor N.J. Sithole is a Director and Founder of the God's Army Evangelistic Ministries and the Christian Fellowship Church in Durban, South Africa. The Christian Community in South Africa popularly knows him as Jobe, The Bulldozer, and The Caterpillar. I think it's because of his boldness and aggression in dealing with sin, disease, and demonic forces. He has survived sicknesses and a car accident to mention but a few. The former policeman's commitment and passion for the lost has made him popular in the Pentecostal community. Through his ministry thousands have given their lives to Jesus and countless multitudes healed from their infirmities.


It is unfortunate that our attempts to get more information about him seem to be an uphill battle. He is a very busy man. Due to the nature of this project we cannot afford not to acknowledge the work of The Lord through him over the years. I approached him in 2003, but to no avail. Pastor Sithole runs one of the largest revival campaigns in South Africa, God's Army. God's Army travels to the whole of Southern Africa, spreading the Good News. The team is composed of the likes of TA Ralekholela, Victor Mahlaba & wife Mrs. Thabisile Mahlaba, Phillip Msiza, SD Gumbi, SB Zikhali, Vusie Khumalo, Archie Buthelezi, and many others.  Vibrant singing, prayer, powerful evangelism and teaching characterize the crusade. The sick are healed and multitudes are baptized in the Holy Ghost. Jobe is a spiritual father of Pastor Sithembiso Zondo and others. Research is still in progress...



Assemblies of God

Once more, it is with pleasure that we present you another man of God, the Evangelist Themba Mahlaba. He is a brother to Apostle Victor Mahlaba and Pastor Thembi Mahlaba, sons and daughter of the late Gerald Mahlaba (AOG). The Mahlaba family is a very interesting and blessed family indeed. That's why the Apostle Victor Mahlaba would satirically maintain that even their cattle were saved. That's because there were two kraals: One for the male beasts and the other for the females.


However, the Evangelist Themba Mahlaba is one of the seasoned evangelists in KwaZulu-Natal and probably in South Africa as a whole. This is a man of great character. He was converted to Christianity in January 1975. It was in a Tent Campaign that was marshalled by the man Mashicila Dlamini. More on this spirit-filled evangelist is still to come...