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What about the community, then? What do we do when people die like fumigated flies?

Founders of
Ethekwini Community Church, Hope Centre HIV/AIDS Clinic, & the Abstinence Walk Campaign

Pastor Vusi Dube

Dr. Taki Dube

Pastor Vusi Dube was born in April 1963, in Pietermaritzburg (KwaZulu-Natal). He grew up at Sobantu Village just outside Pietermaritzburg. He was educated there until High School at Georgetown High School at Edendale. Thereafter he attained his Teaching Diploma at Adams Mission, Amanzimtoti College of Education. He then taught at Mpolweni High School where he was later promoted to being the Head Of Dept in Social sciences.


Subsequently, he worked at KwaSanti Secondary School as a teacher, head of department in languages and later the principal at the same school. It is proper to note that Pastor Dube grew up as a Presbyterian, religiously speaking. Whilst a teacher, Pastor Dube always had community interest at heart. He then became a member official of South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) affiliated to COSATU.


In 1996 June he gave his life to Jesus. Vusi Dube was born again. In 1998 he felt a deep desire to serve God thus he registered with the Christian Bible Training College for his Diploma of Theology. Simultaneously, he was registered with Christian International institution for a Bachelor of Theology degree. He graduated in 1999.


After completing his studies, he was employed by the Durban Christian Centre as a Pastor in the Berea Branch. From time to time countless people were flocking in to listen to the Word of God. In year 2005 he and his wife began a ministry in the heart of the city named Ethekwini Community Church. He strongly believes that with the new home, the Ethekwini Community Church, God has given them a special mission: To empower His people.




To see Africa rise up in faith, empowered spiritually, economically and socially to take up its place in the global arena.

To see youth from Africa coming together in unity and power, eradicating poverty, crime and violence in their communities by spreading the gospel of peace without the fear of prejudice from Cape to Cairo and reaching out to the whole world.

To take care of those who are hopeless and helpless in our communities and to engage ourselves, as a church in all the struggles of the communities to which we serve and to respond to needs by action.

To eradicate crime and poverty in our cities by engaging in the programme of Safe City that will ensure that our cities are safe and user-friendly to all tourists.




To Spread the Gospel of Christ without compromise throughout the nations with faithfulness, engaging all possible tools of witnessing to those who need encouragement.

To Reach out to those directly and indirectly affected by the HIV / AIDS pandemic and all other social ills, by completely relying on God, engaging the Africa Arise Foundation which is a youth initiative and Hope (Centre Of Hope) which is an HIV clinic operating within the church.

Pastor Vusi Dube is married to Dr. Taki Dube who has been very supportive, helpful, and innovative throughout the pastor’s work. As a medical doctor, she spearheads the popular Hope Centre HIV/AIDS Clinic. I believe that the purpose of the medical profession is to help save lives. On that note, I believe that Dr. Taki Dube has lived up to that. What could be more gratifying than to see the people’s lives being touched for the better? However, Pastor Dube and Dr. Dube have achieved a very rare accomplishment: Supporting each other’s revelation. Together they also marshal the ABSTINENCE WALK CAMPAIGN, which is aimed at encouraging young and old people to detach from having premarital & extra-marital sex. The Ethekwini Community Church is available online at For services, times, projects, etc. this is an informative site.


Below is a message from Mr Ben Cele. Mr Cele has been a wonderful inspiration to this website's success. During a nerve-racking time in my life, where a certain pastor fought against this site something happened. I thought of giving it up. One day I received a message from Mr Ben Cele, which was a testimony of how he got saved through the ministry of Mrs. Fisakuphi Madlala. I was so revived. From then on, I started all over again, updating the site accordingly. In fact he is our great supporter. He is based in Pretoria and he works in the office of Minister Sydney Mufamadi, as a Director for the National Office. I thank the Lord for him. Below is a message from him.




Muhle unkulunkulu ngoba: He is our Father. Its amazing how He plans things and execute them for our benefit. My brother, I have been very busy, even now I am seriously busy!!! I will make time and visit the web site. Pastor Vusi Dube, is not just my Pastor, but a brother and a friend too. The anointing that God has placed on him can only be discerned by those who are mature in the Lord. I tell you the truth, one of these days, God is going to use him mightily, the whole city of Durban, South Africa, and the world, will see the goodness of The Lord. People like you, will be in the midst of it, for you have allowed God to use you in this way. May you prosper always.


God Bless




Sandile Ben Cele

Fri, 26 Aug 2005


'The best thing to do with the best things in life is to give them up' -Dorothy Day (1897-1980)- ABSTAIN - ABSTAIN - ABSTAIN...