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Gospel South Africa Homepage

Welcome to the Gospel South Africa website

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: "MISSING: Dumisani Nqwili (Responsible for this site) has gone missing. Last seen on Saturday - 1st October 2005. Should you have any information, please contact the following people on: 083 242 6800, 031 300 7200 or 083 754 7183";


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Dumisani Nqwili

"Gospel South Africa" pays tribute to the giants of the Pentecostal idea of Christianity in South Africa. It includes the likes of Nicholas Bhengu, Job Chiliza, Richard Ngidi, Ananius Ralekholela, and many others. You can also include any Pentecostal leader that you know I forgot. Kindly click on contacts for more information.

"Christianity is NOT a religion; it is a reality"

History of South African Christianity


What is Holiness?


How easy is it to be deceived

Should we worry about what we say?

History of the Bible


What is truth?

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