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Die Jongspan

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In this page we'll put a list of the younger men and women of God, that contributed tremendously to Pentecostalism in South Africa. We refer to them as Die Jongspan. This not to advertise them, but to acknowledge their input.

Igagasi Lobunye FM-Presenter
Lungisani Emmanuel Simelane

Student at Durban Institute of Technology
Sabelo Madlanzi

I have been watching these two youngsters for quite a while now. In fact they are the inspiration behind the addition of Die Jongspan page in this site. They have been anointed by God for such times as these. I am more fascinated by their way of life and their message. These young men believe in living a holy life (seperation from sin), which is rare these days. Lungisani is a presenter in the Igagasi Lobunye FM (a Christian Radio Station). God has used this young man tremendously in solving people's problems, let alone in the area of evangelism. A lot of people including the sangomas (diviners) have come to Christ. On the other hand, Sabelo Madlanzi is still a student but The Lord has and still uses him for His Glory. A lot of young people have come to Christ through the anointed message of this young man. In Durban, he fellowships with the Thy Kingdom Come Ministries under the old man, Pastor Seth Mntaka.
I appeal to all Gospel South Africa-Ivangeli supporters and intercessors to pray for God's protection over these and other youngsters, some of which will be included here as time goes on. 
To them, guys keep up the good work. This is not to exalt you but to praise The Lord for giving us such gifts as yourselves. You are a GREAT SEED planted in a GREAT NEED. Greater is He that is in you than the one that is in the world (1 John 4:4). Your dedication to living a holy life does not go unnoticed. TO THE GLORY OF HIM WHOSE NAME IS ABOVE ALL NAMES.
About Igagasi FM
(Igagasi Lobunye (KNI) is a Christian Radio Station that has been mandated by God to heal His people. I reckon it is every believer's wish to see it succeeding and overcoming all odds. Currently ICASA keeps on licencing KNI to operate periodically to the dissatisfaction of the Christian Community. Lastly, the necessity of KNI going further than just KZN is highly imperative. May the Good Lord help us.)


"The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of posterity." -Benjamin Disraeli 1804-1881