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To the Glory of Jesus
Pastor Richard S. Ngidi

To the Glory of Him whose NAME is above all names

Pastor Richard Sihlobo Ngidi (1921-1985)

Richard Ngidi was born in Umzimnyathi, KwaZulu-Natal, in 1921. Ngidi was converted into Christianity in 1952. It was in one of Bhengu's evangelistic crusades (Back to God) in Lamontville, Durban. He was then baptized in water by the man of God, William Duma *(Khathide 1993:29), whose gift was also that of faith in signs and wonders. Ngidi was then baptized in the Holy Spirit. Consequently, Ngidi had to face many challenges because of the Finger of God that was upon him. His church, the American Board Mission, ostracized him severely. According to Khathide (1993:12), Ngidi together with his saved extended family had to leave. What can we say; it's part of a man's makeup. It was in 1956 that The Lord led him to the Apostolic Faith Mission **(Anderson 1992:48).

After his time in Lerato Bible School, Ngidi was ordained as a pastor (AFM). After fasting for 40 days, miracles began to happen; the blind saw; the cripples walked; and multitudes baptized in the Holy Spirit. The AFM in Natal grew tremendously. "He also was the first to use women workers in church planting; and thirty well-trained women were under his supervision" (:48). Two of those women were, Mrs Fisakuphi Madlala and Viola Mbotho (based in Lovu-South of Durban), who are still fully operational under that unction. Pastor Ngidi also worked with iSalukazi seVangeli, the Evangelist Evelyn Gigaba (uGogo is now based in KwaMashu-Durban).

Ngidi's standpoint

Ngidi was a God-fearing man, just as his spiritual fathers Chiliza, Bhengu, and Duma were. Ngidi was opposed to Christian involvements with politics. A mere conversation of that nature, Ngidi would lambast. "He warned the pastors of the love of money, the love of women and pride" (Khathide 1993:89) Among other factors, Ngidi emphasized the importance of fasting and prayer. According to Moruti Ralekholela, he often took only the pastors to fast and pray in the bush; far from residential areas. He also expounds vigorously that one day Ngidi took them there as usual. "A certain woman was brought there to be prayed for. She was at a point of dying. I saw that man pausing for a little beat and said, 'senizobona amandla kaNkulunkulu bafana bami' [you will see The Power of God, young men]. He looked up and sang Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me. He laid hands on her and she was healed instantly,"(extracted from Ntate Ralekholela's sermon in cassette). There is no doubt that Richard Ngidi walked with God.

A man surnamed Zulu went to Ngidi one day and asked, "Why are you so different, Pastor Ngidi. Why is God using you this much?” Ngidi replied, "It is because I am faithful with the little. I do not give as you people give. I give two types of tithes. One type is that which is commanded by the Word to be given, the other is the tithe of faith, which is not in The Word (isishumi sokukholwa)." Mr. Zulu was astonished because he knew deeply that it was difficult for him even to pay the first one (dialogue translated from Zulu).

Ngidi left an unerasable mark, the teaching on fasting and prayer. He passed away prematurely on the 4th of May 1985. His initial spiritual father Nicholas Bhengu, also  passed away later in 1985.

Oh! South Africa! What have you done to deserve this blessed visitation?

*Khathide, A. 1993. What a giant of faith.

**Anderson, A. 1992. Bazalwane: African pentecostals in South Africa. Pretoria: UNISA

John G. Lake (Founder of the Apostolic Faith Mission-AFM)


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