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Who is this Dumisani, anyway?

D. Nqwili

He was born in Bizana. He grew up in a home that was composed of a three-roomed house, a flat, and rondavel. He grew up in atmosphere that was pervaded with strong discipline. Attending Sunday school to him was not a matter of choice. His born-again mother and father were very strict. It helped groom him up as pious lad. He admits that he was also influenced by friends to engage in bad habits at some stage. Like any other Xhosa boy he went through initiation, also in Bizana with his younger brother Sizwe and cousins Lundi, Nkosiphendule, Simthembile, and friend Wavela Mavana. But God had a better circumcision for Dumisani in mind.


Eventually accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. Rev. Zwelitsha Nkonyeni who was so anointed spiritually trained him. Rev. Nkonyeni would lay hands on the sick and they were healed. Many people were and still are converted to Christianity through his anointing. Some sick people would even wear his clothes, in his absence, and would be healed of their sicknesses.  That’s how spirit-filled was the man. God used him a lot. Dumisani grew up very close to him. He milked the anointing until signs of walking with God began to show in his life too.  Rev. Nkonyeni is now stationed in Port St. Johns (Tombo Location). Rev. J.L. Hoco of the African Gospel Church later baptized him in water. It is also in Bizana where he got his basic education. He did his kindergarten at Qandashe Primary School. From there he went to Intsingizi Junior Secondary School. From there he went to Ntlakhwe Junior Secondary School where he obtained his Standard Seven Certificate.


His family


His father, Mr Matterson M. Nqwili, was born in Qumbu and he grew up there. What brought him to Bizana was the church he had been converted under, which was Job Chiliza's African Gospel Church. He has been in the church from as early as 1962.  Dumisani's mother, Mrs. Mirriam N. Nqwili, is the first born of the late Rev. Alfred B. Sothiya (1918-2003).  They were blessed with 6 children: the late Nobomi (1969-2001), Velile, Nomsebenzi, Mazwi, Dumisani, and Sizwe. Their grandchildren are: Nzwana, Phiwe, Yandisa (uNdoda, Die Gewone Man), Mphumezi, Siphiw'okuhle (Cellphone) Amahle, and Yanga. The Nqwili family is of the Mpondomise tribe under the house of Hlazo. "OoNtsethe kaSabelo; ooValel'amadak'engenankomo."


The Martial Arts & Education


Dumisani then went over to Ntukayi Senior Secondary School because they had a fine Karate style there. Remember, the lad was fond of his Karate sport. He got what he was looking for; he passed his karate but failed his Standard Eight. He was then compelled to leave for Nongeke High School where he did STDs 8 and 9. He ultimately matriculated in Durban. At some stage in his life he quit school because of peer pressure. Evidently, it was because he wanted to join his cousin who quit school and went to look for work in Durban. During that time it was prevalent that a boy would run away from home because of a dislike of forced education and looking after livestock.  The destination would be an urban area. What is more funny is that the boy would end up doing hard labour only to earn ‘peanuts’; not even a quarter of what he would ultimately earn had he persevered in education.


After realizing that there was no future there, he returned back home just as the Prodigal Son. He said to himself, “home is home no matter what. Even wounds are nursed at home. A bird will fly and fly freely in the skies, but there’s no food and water up there: It will eventually come down where the home is. Actually, it will never even sleep up there.”


Another significant incident in his life was when he accepted Jesus as his personal saviour. Shortly after he was saved, he saw himself going back to school, a place that he had vowed not to visit again. Eventually, he obtained his Bachelor of Technology degree at the Durban Institute of Technology, where he also obtained his National Diploma in 2002.




Dumisani grew up as a family choir member, in which he contributed as a baritone singer. The choir was composed of the Sothiya and Tuta family. The latter was led by the man of God, Mr. Thamsanqa "Thami" Tuta. After that, the then unsaved Dumisani, joined Isicathamiya music under the influence of Uhlelolusha Group in Tehuis Men's Hostel, Durban. He later joined the late Sanele Maphinda to form a local group in Bizana. Due to lack of autonomy, Dumisani moved to form his own group, Black Heroes, which became very popular with him as a lead vocalist. It won many competitions until he got saved. He was also a member of a Durban group named New High Brothers (B-Team of Alson Gumbi's Easy Walkers), which was led by Mr Richard Machi, in Glebelands hostel (Emzini wezintsizwa). Dumisani was a tenor there amidst men who were old enough to be his fathers. They would compete with other groups every weekend in YMCA (Beatrice Street), Stable Theatre (Alice Street), Jacobs and Dalton men's hostels. After being saved, he was ordered by God Himself TO QUIT Isicathamiya/Mbube music and it was not easy. Eventually, The Lord weaned him from it successfully. People including Christians were opposed to him quitting iMbube, maintaining that he was born for it. He opted for God's Voice than People's voice. His group, Black Heroes, exists even to this day despite that its pioneer is no longer a participant. "I have my reasons for detaching myself from the secular world. No man told me to quit iMbube, but God compelled me to. He made me choose between His Service and mediocre (lukewarm) Christian lifestyle. I opted for His Service. Another reason is that, when I persisted with it, I would fall seriously ill." As a Christian he joined a male voice choir, which had to disperse due to lack of interest amongst its members. Eventually, Dumisani fell in love with the guitar. Perhaps, you'll hear him praising God with it someday.


The Word of God


Whilst at tech, he met Pastor Seth Mntaka of the “Thy Kingdom Come” Ministries. Pastor Mntaka gave him lots of opportunities to preach the Word to the people. This trained him quite extensively. He is also a writer of Christian material. One of those is a booklet entitled, Because of His Love, which talks about God’s Love. Once more, he is a born again Christian and he loves Jesus more than life itself. He believes that Jesus saved him from sin; he made him reconcile with his true identity. However, he believes in The Word of God to such an extent that you'll find the bible next to his pillow, in his bag, and mostly in his heart.


He strongly believes that "The Word will heal the people," ABANTU BAZOPHILA NGEZWI. (Psalm 107:20) According to him, if there is a wound on the forehead, for instance, people will see it and treat it until it heals. But if the wound is in the heart, only THE WORD of God can reach there, and when It reaches there It will recreate life as It did during the time of Genesis. THE WORD is the mind of GOD, the map, the compass, and the heavenly criteria.


Spiritual Inspiration


As a budding inquisitive Christian, Dumisani was frequent in the library. As he went along, he came across some information about a certain spiritual leader who was very influential in his time: A leader that stood the test of time. That was none other than Reverend Nicholas B.H. Bhengu. He was the founder of the aptly named Africa Back to God crusade, which swept across South Africa and beyond its borders. The cry was and still is ‘to bring Africa Back to God.’


Dumisani was enthused by this man’s teachings and also his background. Bhengu’s initial struggles as a believer related to his. He further writes, “If The Lord could raise such a charismatic church leader as Papakho, then there must be something radically wrong with a church whose leaders do not lead by example. There is no such thing as, ‘don’t look at me, just listen to what I say.’”


Love for Computers


There’s another man who inspired Dumisani to love computers. His name is Prof. Graham D.J. Stewart, who was Dumisani’s lecturer and research supervisor at DIT. Thus Dumisani says, “He was my academic father, in the proper sense of the word.” Another person he was close to was my friend Zwelibanzi Ndayi, who got saved just recently.  Prof. Stewart was brilliance personified. I made sure that I milk the knowledge from him to the best of my ability, even if it meant staying at Tech after hours.” Dumisani believes that, born-again graduates should use their developed skills to uplift the church.




Philia  is a Greek word meaning friendship. The name Philadelphia (Brotherly Love) derives from Philia. It is a bond that existed between David and Jonathan. It is formed when two or more people share similar ideas, point of view, etc. On that note, I'd like to thank my closest friends. In fact, I prefer to call them "brothers" to avoid possible implications of the word "friendship." In excess, it can imply exclusion of other people, which is wrong.


However, I'd like to thank my "brothers" Bulelani Mndela (AOG), MhleNkosi Nkantsu (AOG), Mveleli Gqumani (AGC), Phendukani Emmanuel Cele (FGC), Pastor Mbuso Zulu (my mentor from AOG), Vuyisa Ngcuka (AOG-Lamontville), Mndeni Goodman Tshazi (AFM), Sabelo Mkhize (Life Abundance), Mzikayifani Edmund Mkhize (TKC), Mahlangabeza Mazongolo (AGC), Mxolisi Patrick Nyathi (AGC), Mduduzi Mzinganye (AOG), Dumisani Mkhwanazi (TKC), Sbonelo Mthethwa (uNyambose), Nkanyezi Mqadi, Ntuthuko Ndamane (AGC), Jabulani Shange (AGC), Musa Mthalane (TKC), Sango Morgan Masela (Power of God), Lafika Ganyaza (CFK), Khaya Mkhungo (ROP), Khanyiso Ngenge (AGC), Easter Zangwa (AGC), Gugulethu Ncama (AGC), Vumile Tambo (AGC) and many others. These are the people who know almost everything about me. We have been together for years now. We share the same sentiments in our walk with God. They are a blessing in my life. Guys, I'll never forget you.

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked." -Bernard Meltzer