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Giants of the Gospel

"To the Glory of Him whose NAME is above all names"

Nicholas B.H. Bhengu


Founder of the Assemblies of God- Africa Back to God

“Nicholas Bhengu, a Zulu evangelist, said in his testimony, ‘I’d been looking for joy and the devil gave me fun. I’d been looking for peace and the devil gave me error. I’d been looking for experience and the devil gave me excitement. Then I found Christ’. This preacher claimed, most extraordinarily of all, that the key to life lay in denying me, not indulging myself. ‘Whoever wants to save his life will lose it,’ he said. ‘But whoever loses his life for me and the gospel will save it.’ ‘What’s he on about?’ you say. ‘What’s this all about?’ - How I wish you knew.”

Rev Hugh Palmer (9/9/01). ‘You haven’t got it’: A playboy’s experience


Bhengu preaching in East Rand in 1957

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